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We believe there is a direct connection between a nonprofit's results and the strength of its leadership. This leadership includes staff as well as its board of directors. We take an all-encompassing look at the people, infrastructure, values, past and present practices, and policies that the staff and board embrace and promote for organizational success. We realize that a cross-section of stakeholders, rather than isolated efforts by a single organization or individual, result in more effective means of tackling an issue. We give priority to nonprofit organizations in Dallas, Texas, and to those in Arkansas which have directly impacted the founders’ lives.

The Skokos Foundation receives considerably more requests for funding than we can support. Only those requests that effectively address our grantmaking guidelines, come from eligible 501(c)(3) nonprofit organizations, and reflect our Board of Directors’ priorities will be considered.


(Executive Director, Board & Key Staff) What level of visionary leadership does your organization have within the executive director, board and key management or programmatic staff? We look at both individual and collective experience, expertise, passion, commitment, recognition and professional and community reputation. We compare your group’s approaches and solutions to what others are doing.


(Program, Project, Service Model) What impact on the community does your program or project have? Is it a model of service for others in the nonprofit sector? We consider your group’s unique circumstances and ask more questions. Will your proposal’s impact be direct and exponential? Will it bring about systemic change? Is your project idea unique? How are you measuring impact and effectiveness? Is there an evaluation system in place? If yes, please describe.


(Organization and/or Program, Project or Service Model) We look at the sustainability of both your program or project and your organization as a whole. We assess the strength, stability and diversity of your nonprofit’s finances as well as your board’s contribution to your organization’s financial strength. At the program or project level, we assess whether a grant would trigger significant contributions from other sources or whether a sustainability model may require on-going foundation involvement. We insist on sustainable minimal overhead.

Organizational Strength

(History, Reputation, Structure & Management Systems) What is your group’s history, reputation, structure and management? Is your organization regarded as a provider of high-quality, relevant and meaningful services? Qualities that are needed to do the hard work of system change include strong management and communication systems, positive staff morale, integrity, and financial and operational transparency.


(Collaboration with other nonprofits, sponsors, patrons, government) Collaboration is an important tool among nonprofits. We ask whether your organization is well-integrated into its community and involved in public-private partnerships. We also consider whether your organization has developed strategic partnerships as an ongoing part of its work.

Submit an Application

To submit an application, please send to the following address:
The Ted & Shannon Skokos Foundation
Attention: Grant Review Committee
P.O. Box 670219
Dallas, Texas 75367