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Congratulation to the Class of 2023 Skokos Foundation AHS Mission Statement Scholarship Recipients, all recent graduates of Alma High School in Alma, Arkansas. These recipients were selected for more than just their academic excellence and community involvement, but also for their commitment to utilizing their gifts and talents to lift up others and make a purposeful difference in the lives of others. Upon reading some of the quotes from their essays below, you will celebrate with us at The Ted and Shannon Skokos Foundation knowing they are the future of our country.

Noah Likens, Arkansas Tech University

My career goals are to become a strong willed and successful businessman in today’s and the future’s economy, as well as having a law practice. On the side, a life goal is to volunteer my time to coach baseball, because of the high level experience and coaching that I have been privileged to receive throughout my life. I also recently joined the District Seven Volunteer Fire Department, and hope to continue serving.

Noah Downs, University of Central Arkansas

I’m from a small town, so community is very important from where I come. On the academics side of college, I will be prepared to step into the medical field, and do my passion, helping others. I want to return to school to obtain my master’s degree and work to play an executive role in a hospital.

Samantha Crook, University of Missouri Columbia

My mission in life is wanting to learn ways to grow and produce food for the continuously rising population. I want to use my degree to help find ways to decrease the cost of food and I want to become an agriculture advocate, where I will have the opportunity to make an impact on not only the communities around me but the world as a whole.

Emma Bullard, University of Central Arkansas

My mission in life is to open a veterinary clinic that specializes in small animals in Arkansas. After completing my undergraduate degree in biology, I look to attend veterinary school to complete my education. A minor in business will give me the tools needed to open my own veterinary clinic.

Savannah Thomas, University of Central Arkansas

My plan for my future includes going into pharmacy, and I believe that this career path will give me the opportunity to go into smaller, less populated areas and help out a new community have access to medicine they need closer to home. The other part of my mission in life is spreading God’s Word to whoever will listen.

Sarah Banks, Harding University

My mission in life is to help educate young students and contribute to the foundation of their early learning. I also want to spend my life spreading the gospel of Jesus Christ and fulfilling His word, so that I can help to bring others to Him.

Rachel James, University of Central Arkansas

My future occupation of nursing will be centered around helping people. I am aiming for the medical field in pediatrics because that is a place that is near and dear to my heart. We all have a purpose in life and it is our job to make that our mission that we pursue the rest of our lives.

Caleb Ferguson, University of Central Arkansas

My mission in life is to not only create films that entertain audiences but create films that educate individuals about the world around them. My vision will deliver important messages to the world through the big screen, and hopefully, this can bring about a change in our society for the better.

Grace Hamilton, University of Arkansas at Fayetteville

I would consider my mission in life to learn as much about the universe and how to solve problems within it as I can and to put that knowledge to good use, ranging from making new discoveries in mathematics and physics to teaching everything I can learn to younger generations.

Daniel Dyer, Hendrix College

It is my mission in life to look back at all I’ve done in the end, and be happy and proud of what I’ve accomplished, or what I’ve done. If I can look back at the end, and know that my life mattered, then in my eyes that fulfills my mission in life to have lived it well.