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The Skokos Foundation and its founders are keenly aware that one should not judge others because you never know the valleys through which another has tread. Shannon and Ted Skokos firmly believe that we are all part of a shared humanity, and thus their family foundation and they personally are committed to the enrichment of human self-worth, the appreciation of selfless sacrifice, the responsibility of caring for both animals and people who deserve love, and the quest for medical advancement to improve the lives of all. Moved by the selfless sacrifice of nurses assigned to the COVID wings during the height of the pandemic, the Skokos Foundation contributed funds to support the personal needs of those nurses at both UT Southwestern Hospital and Baylor, Scott & White Hospital in Dallas in appreciation for the exhausting hours spent being surrogate family members for patients unable to see their own families due to isolation.

The Skokoses have hosted appreciation events for the men and women of the Dallas Police Department, who daily put their lives at risk to protect their community, by hiring a chef with a 30-foot smoker trailer to prepare meals and then travel with the couple to the Dallas police headquarters and each of its seven substations over the course of a week to feed thousands of officers and to simply say “thank you.” The Skokos Foundation proudly supports organizations that honor the sacrifice of servicemembers and their families, those that provide counseling and support of teenage girls in shelters who have been victims of abuse and neglect, those that provide companion animals and rescue of animals for veterans, and those that are searching for medical answers to enrich the quality of life for all.